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Donation Opportunities to Support JMh - Anaheim / Love Anaheim

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JMh - Anaheim / Love Anaheim is a unique Anaheim CA Non-Profit Organization that harnesses GOODNESS from all available sources: Businesses, Service Organizations, Non-Profits, School Districts, Faith Based Organizations, City Departments (12), Anaheim Residents and Guests. The GOODNESS generated goes to meet needs that are ongoing or that are one time occurrences.

JMh - Anaheim / Love Anaheim has many ongoing financial needs that correspond to meeting needs, including: Program Support (funding for our unique programs), Operational Support (funding to pay our wonderful staff), infrastructure needs (purchasing resources, supplies, tools and equipment needed to operate effectively), materials / supplies (all that is needed for our programs, operations and infrastructure.

Your donations directed to our needs will greatly help us in accomplishing our mission of:

JMh - Anaheim: Building bridges and relationships to mobilize Goodness.

Love Anaheim: Spreading Goodness, Meeting Needs, Demonstrating Kindness."